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What we do


Commercial Services

CCTV Surveying

Sewer Surveys UK Ltd are highly experienced in providing CCTV Surveys and Inspections, we can offer our clients a range of services to cover the domestic, commercial and public sector. Our engineers are trained to OS19X and OS21X Standard and using the latest technology in reporting software (Wincan V7 & V8 and AutoCAD) we can tailor our reports to the clients individual needs.

Our Services include:

  • Standard Colour CCTV Surveys - 100mm to 4000mm diameter
  • Pan and Tilt - Surveying upto 340m from one point, pipe condition dependant
  • Culvert Inspections - Structural & Service Condition Inspections of culverts and tunnels
  • Data Collection to STC 25 Standard - Manhole Inspections, Invert Levels & Pipe Sizing
  • Confined Space Trained Engineers and Man-Entry Techniques available
  • On/Off Road Techniques
  • HADDMS (Highways Agency Drainage Data Management System)
Sewer Cleaning

Sewer Surveys UK Ltd can provide vehicles from Van-Packs to a Jet-Vac or Recycling Unit so whether it be a simple household blockage or the cleansing of culverts we have the facilities and experience to complete the job. All debris removed on site is disposed of at a licensed facility.

All our operatives are experienced and qualified through the water jetting association and we are able to carry out a wide variaty of cleaning techniques such as:

  • Gully Emptying
  • Silt/Debris/Grease removal to facilitate CCTV Surveys or to improve the performace of the drainage
  • Root Removal via Chain Flail/Cutter
  • Catchpit Emptying
  • Culvert Cleansing
  • Maintenance Cleaning
  • Unblocking of Foul & Storm Sewers
  • Sump & Pump Station Sludge Removal
  • Watercourse Maintenance & Trashscreen Clearance
Localised Patch Repairs

On completion of a CCTV survey you may find that there are the odd defects that need to be repaired ra-ther than the whole length of pipe being replaced, if this is the case then Sewer Surveys UK Ltd are able to offer cured in place patch repairs. Patch repairs are a short watertight structural repair sleeve that can be pushed into the defected part of the pipe with rods with no excavation required. There are many advantages to this method, such as:

  • Quick Installation with minimal cost and disruption
  • Bridges and seals gaps and holes, also prevents pipes leaking at connections.
  • Resisitant to chemicals
  • Forms to any shape of pipe and suitable for use in clay, plastic, concrete and pitch fibre pipe.
  • Environmentally Friendly with no damage to the existing surroundings
  • A patch length is between 1000mm and 1500mm and we can use the technique in pipe diameters from 100mm - 600mm
  • Patch Repairs meet WRc Criteria
Drainage Asset Surveys, Connectivity and Pollution Surveys

As well as CCTV Surveys Sewer Surveys UK Ltd are able to produce connectivity surveys in an area where the drainage is unknown. Dependant on the pipe material, depth and ground conditions we can use a variety of techniques to carry out these including CCTV, GPS, dye testing, sound testing and rod-ding with a Sonde and Locator.

Our engineers on site will map the drainage and draw up a site plan which our in house reporting depart-ment will transfer to a DWG/AutoCAD plan.

We are able to locate a pollution source using CCTV Equipment starting at a known point where the pol-lution has been identified and tracing this back to the exact source.

Manhole surveys can be carried out with internal and location photos, measurements, pipe sizes and depths. GPS can also be added in order to obtain cover levels and invert levels. The manhole surveys can be incorporated into our drainage reports to provide a full drainage survey of a particular site . All manhole surveys are carried out using trained engineers with detailed accuracy and measurements.

In House Reporting

All surveys carried out by Sewer Surveys UK Ltd are proccesed by our qualified report compilers in house. Our compilers are qualified to OS19X, OS20X and OS21X standard and have many years of expe-rience working with both Wincan V7 & V8 as well as AutoCAD, Infonet and MapInfo.

Our reports can be tailored made to suit the individual clients needs which can include the clients own branding. We have the capabilities to produce reports to the HADDMS Specification including HADDMS Manhole Cards.

All reports will include a coded report using wincan technology, Manhole Cards, PI Photos, an AutoCAD Plan, A DVD including a PDF copy of the Report, all the Site Photos and video footage of the surveys and where necessary we can also produce an executive summary with recommendations.

This report can be used for any company working towards the ISO 14001 accreditation.

Environmental Management Status

Do you want your company to stand out from a crowded market? Do you want to enhance your companies reputation? Do you want to have a better chance of winning new business? If you answered yes to these questions then the ISO 14001 accreditation could help.

ISO 14001 is an internationally accepted standard that means you have an effective environmental man-agement system in place. Sewer Surveys UK Ltd can help you achieve this by providing you with a full drainage specification report. This will inclue a full drainage connectivity survey, Wincan report and rec-ommendations on any remedial works that are required and how these will help towards achieving your accreditation.

Grease Trapping

Grease traps or interceptors are normally found between a sink/internal waste pipe and the main public sewer and they help to ensure harmful greases, fats and oils are captured and prevented from entering the drainage system where they could cause potentially damaging blockages.

Environmental Health Officers and The Environment Agency are required to see evidence that regular cleaning of grease traps is taking place and any waste that has been removed is disposed of by a regis-tered waste carrier.

At Sewer Surveys UK Ltd our team of specialists use advanced processes to clean your kitchen grease traps thoroughly and efficiently whilst ensuring harmful waste is removed safely and with minimal dis-ruption to your business. In addition to this we also clean out the upstream and downstream drainage pipes using high pressure water jetting techniques.

A full cleaning report is provided on completion of the site works along with proof of waste disposal for evidence to any senior authority.

Land and Water Surveys

Utilising the latest Leica technology, we are able to provide a combination of GPS, topographical, bathymetric and scanning surveys to full coverage of all project requirements. Our surveyors will liaise with the client prior to commencing all surveys to ensure the technical specifications are covered and all works are tailored to the client's needs.

Property Investigations

Often during and after stressful flooding periods we provide an onsite service to our client’s customers. We undertake detailed mitigation surveys, including identifying the flooding issue, providing recommendations and completing all the necessary survey works to determine the underlying contributing factors to the flooding mechanism. All survey works are undertaken to an agreed standard and provide suitable evidence for capital flooding schemes. We focus on the highest level of customer service and continuously provide reassurance to the customers.

3 Dimensional surveying forms the future of all Asset Surveys. Using the latest technological advances a 3D point cloud image can be created for all types of assets including confined spaces. This full set of data provides maximum flexibility for the client to obtain any measurements that may have previously been missed using traditional survey method.

Depth, Flow and Pressure Monitoring

A dedicated sewer monitoring team provide expertise for installing and analysing flow monitoring data. Monitors are typically installed for short durations to determine the flow characteristics and model verification purposes on sewer improvement projects. Permanent monitors can also be installed to help water companies understand and manage their assets in a more pro-active way.

Specialist teams conduct detailed waste water pumping station surveys, combining technical skills with surveying techniques to provide an operating performance curve for each pump sequence. A full test includes calculating and plotting discharge rates at regular intervals to display the pump behaviour throughout the cycle for comprehensive modelling purposes.

To provide greater operating details very precise pressure monitoring of rising mains can be undertaken to enable surge analyses.

Reservoirs, Lakes and Ponds

We employ Supervising Panel of Engineers within the scope of the Reservoirs Act 1975 and can offer the full range of services, including provision of All Reservoirs Panel engineer services,  to enable reservoir undertakers to comply with their legal duties for large raised reservoirs. We offer a comprehensive range of services connected with the design, construction, operation and maintenance of lakes and ponds for irrigation, fishing, amenity, boating etc. We employ the latest landscaping visualisation and ground modelling techniques to produce conceptual images to aid with design selection and a comprehensive range of surveys for all parts of reservoir apparatus including diver surveys and submerged pipelines, valves and shafts.

Domestic Services

24 Hour Emergency Drainage Response

We offer a 24 hour, 7 days a week call out service for both domestic and commercial clients in the Yorkshire Area with no call out charge. 

If you have a blocked sink, toilet, gully, RWP, manhole or a burst pipe then our specially trained and dedicated enginners will respond to your call within 2 hours. 

We carry all the necessary equipment to clear and unblock any drain, we can even use a remote camera to investigate and record the cause of the blockage/flooding. A report will be produced which can be used for insurance or surveyance work. 

Telephone 01142 513481 to arrange a visit convenient to yourself.


Gutter Cleaning

Guttering is a crucial part of your home and business premises weatherproofing and waterproofing sys-tem. The lack of maintenance to the gutter system can lead to damp and structural damage to your property.

At Sewer Surveys UK Ltd we offer a full gutter cleaning service including high pressure water jetting of all downpipes into the below ground drainage system.

With the use of our gutter vac system allowing us to fully clean all guttering from ground level it elimi-nates the use of any ladders, towers or scaffolding therefore we are able to achive a high standard of health and safety, it also means that we can keep our costs low as there are no additional costs for equipment to gain access to the guttering.

Build Over Drainage Surveys

In 2010 the local water boards took over ownership of all the shared sewers, this means that it you are wanting to build a conservatorty or add an extension on to your existing property and it is going to be built over or within 3 meters of a shared sewer then you will need to seek permission from your local water authority.  

Sewer Surveys UK Ltd can provide you with a pre andpost build CCTV survey to the correct specification including a writing report and DVD of any footage obtained. We can also take accurate measurements of the area and draw up a CAD plan to be submitted with the report. 

If you are unsure weher you need a Build over survey or not then please contact one of our team on 01142 513481 for assisstance.


Drainage Repairs and New Drainage Installation

Is your drainage system weak, damaged or leaking?  If so then we can provide the relevant service to rectify this and restore the flow and integrity of your drainage with very minimal disruption to yourself or your neighbours.  Most of our methods can be carrie dout with out having to dig dow or replace any pipework which can prove to be very costly. 

If you are considering a new driveway or patio then there may be an increased risk of flooding, to avoid this it is recommended that a soak-away or ACO drain is installed, just as if you are installing an extra bathroom or toilet then sanitary pipework such as ventilation pipes and rodding eyes needs to be installed.

Sewer Surveys UK LTD’s experienced enginners can help with any of these requirements, for further information please contact the office on 01142 513481.




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